HD Webcasting

HD webcasting services, tailored to your needs.Introducing HD Webcasting from Allied Pixel

With our dual lineage in HD video production services and web development, it only made sense that Allied Pixel would be a leader in HD webcasting.

Get the Details on HD Webcasting from Allied Pixel

We invested almost two years of R&D to develop a best-in-class solution that delivers everything you could want in a webcast:

  • Single or multi-camera HD production.
  • PowerPoint inserted into the HD stream – no more static screen captures with a tiny video window on the side.
  • Support for virtually every playback device, including desktop browsers, tablets, smartphones and Internet TVs.
  • On-the-fly, seamless bitrate switching to adjust to changing real-world conditions.
  • Interactive features including registration, live chat, polling and screen sharing.

Our HD webcasts provide a network TV-level experience - find out more in this short video. Then when you’re ready, contact Dan Francis, webcast producer, for a live demo.